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With the shortage of software engineers, many leading companies are looking at the contractor market to fill their needs.  It's important you understand if this new legislation affects your business or not.

In order to attract the best talent you need to be offering at a minimum, the expected market rate salaries.  We have researched all different tech stacks across the board and compiled this accurate salary guide to help you.

Finding the best software developers is a huge challenge but with rapidly rising salaries, remote work culture and a lot of competition - how do you retain your best developers?

Are you hiring internationally to access more readily available talent? Do you know the most cost efficient way to pay them?  What about your tax position on these hires? We explain everything in detail, but simply for you. 

With a talent shortage in the UK many leading firms are looking overseas for their next developer hire, but where is the best place to go?

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Contract Devs have consistently been able to provide high quality, full-stack developers to assist with our continued growth.  The process is so efficient and streamlined that we’re able to go from CV review to start date within a week.  This has been a huge help in allowing us to keep up with our ever-growing resourcing needs.

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