Confidently hire php developer talent from our pool of top php programmers for hire

Your company or agency has just taken on a new client that requires you to hirea dedicated PHP developer with the skills to complete the project. ContractDevs is here to help with our Read more ...
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Confidently hire php developer talent from our pool of top php programmers for hire

Your company or agency has just taken on a new client that Read more ...

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If your new or existing client requires web pages or operating systems based on the NET framework we have fully qualified .NET developers for hire that are ready for work within 5 days. Whether you need a full stack .NET developer, a junior .NET developer to join an existing team or a senior .NET developer with the skills to get the project across the line, ContractDevs has the talent you need in a .NET developer. London based and operated, our unique hiring process will garner better results then hiring a .NET developer freelance. Through our agency you have quality assurance. All of our .NET software developer professionals have been fully checked and have the proven experience necessary to create the source code for your clients web apps, net applications or any other NET core project. We will provide you with as many as three CV’s for your review and set up interviews with the .NET developer framework expert you choose.

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Hire .NET Programmers Or Our Top .NET Framework 4 Developer Quickly And With Full Flexibility

When a client brings a project to your company and you need a .NET developer in London, ContractDevs is here to help. We make it easy to hire .NET programmers with a proven track record of successful project completion - on budget. Don’t waste the time and energy searching through freelance .NET developer forums when you can hire a fully vetted sr .NET developer through our agency. We can provide you with a top .NET developer London has on offer including .NET framework 4 developer teams at a price that cannot be beaten. Common functionality across the system is necessary and you need NET developers that have a complete understanding of common language runtime (CLR) and its limitations as well as ways to work around them.

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.NET Developer For Hire Fast - The Top UK Digital Agencies Talent Pool Is Here & On Flexible Terms

ContractDevs is your #1 source when you are looking for a .NET developer for hire on short notice. All of our developer .NET coding talent can be available in as little as 5 days to help get your clients NET applications finished on deadline. We understand what it means to complete projects in the timeframe provided. It’s not uncommon to lose a programmer in the middle of a project. This is why our agency does the work for you when you need to hire a .NET developer to add to your team to keep the project running and deliver the product on time. You can rely on our highly skilled, professional NET developer talent knowing the job will be done right and on time. 

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.NET Developer Hire FAQ

How do I hire a .NET developer?

Finding the right .NET developer can be a bit tricky as the .NET framework is one of the more complex coding language platforms. As opposed to HTML and JavaScript, which are the most widely used, open source, programming languages used for web development, .NET software developer groups work within a more specialised framework. There are freelance .NET developers out there, but for something this specialised it’s probably best to hire a .NET developer through a reputable agency.

What is .NET?

The .NET framework is for server side programming languages typically based on Windows servers. It is fairly specialised as compared to languages such as HTML, PHP and JavaScript, which are used more widely in the web development world. This can make it a little more difficult to hire dedicated .NET developer talent as there are fewer qualified programmers available. However, if your development company has taken on a new client that requires you hire .NET programmers, there are agencies that provide pre-vetted applicants as a service.

What is the .NET framework used for?

The .NET framework is a construct that can work with a wide range of programming languages including C#, F# and C++. It is often used in application development both web and mobile as well as Windows-based applications. Though it is a versatile framework that can work on most operating systems for software development, it is less commonly seen than other frameworks such as Apache.

What skills should a .NET developer have?

A full stack .NET developer should have incredible skills in problem solving and the designing of creative, eye catching web applications. .NET developers should have an understanding of frameworks such as Bootstrap and programing languages such as C++ and C#. They are highly valued in the market because of the framework's versatility across operating systems in software and application development. This can make it more difficult to hire a .NET developer but there are agencies that specialise in providing high level .NET developers for hire.

Your allocated Resource Manager will provide you 3 CVs of contractors that fit your agencies needs within 5 days.